Windows 10’s new Meet Now feature could be a Zoom killer

by Surur
September 19, 2020
Windows 10 Meet Now

A week ago we reported that Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20211 contained a new feature – Meet Now, which integrated video conferencing natively into the OS.

Now WindowsLatest has uncovered a bit more on the feature.

Windows 10 Meet Now

Windows 10 users will be able to start a video call by generating a sharing link via a button in the taskbar notification area.

Crucially neither the person starting the meeting or the attendees would need to have special accounts, but only the sharing link or the meeting access code.

When the call is accepted it can either open up in the Skype desktop client or the Skype web app in Edge.

This means despite being accountless, users will still have access to the full power of the Skype client, such as being able to record calls or blur backgrounds.

The feature is likely to be extremely popular in enterprise settings where users are unlikely to be able to use the video calling capabilities in apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Facetime.

The feature is currently in internal testing, and it is not known if and when it will roll out, but we suspect if it is successful Zoom may join Slack at the EU’s competition court.

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