Windows 10 Mobile has Bluetooth issues




Windows 10 Mobile has its issues, and one which many users may run into, even on non-Insider devices such as the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL is strange behaviour around Bluetooth.

Some of the ones I have run into myself is sudden low volume unresponsive to the volume controls which can only be fixed by a reboot, and extreme stuttering audio when using GPS voice navigation.

Other oddities are music over Bluetooth stopping when Cortana reads a text for example and then not automatically resuming when it’s done.  Many users have of course also complained of issues when their phone is paired with the Microsoft Band.

On a Reddit thread complaining of these problems a Microsoft employee doing support there has said they will be looking into these problems, saying:

 I’ve sent this whole thread to Ellen, though, so she can look into the audio glitches over Bluetooth if it isn’t already on her radar

Have our readers run into any of the same issues themselves. Let us know below.