Windows 10 May 2019 Update will support variable refresh rates

by Anmol
May 25, 2019

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A couple of days back, Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 May 2019 Update and it came with a bunch of new features for Windows 10 users. While there are a bunch of features to explore, users have noticed one particular feature that will surely help all the gamers.

With the new May 2019 Update, Microsoft has added variable refresh rate to Windows 10 settings. For those who don’t know, the variable refresh rate changes the refresh rate of the display during games to prevent screen tearing. The feature is usually present in the latest games but is missing from the old ones. With Microsoft adding the feature to Windows, users can force variable refresh rates even if the game doesn’t natively support it. The feature is essentially aimed at Windows Store games since those lack adaptive sync support.

Reduce screen tearing and allow for a higher framerate by enabling variable refresh rate for games that don’t natively support. You might need to restart your games for changes to take effect.

– Microsoft

Unfortunately, the feature is not available for Nvidia graphics cards so if you have a device with Nvidia graphics card then you won’t see the feature in Settings. For others, open Settings and search for “Graphics Settings” to get to the graphics settings page. The feature is disabled by default so if you want to try it out then you will need to enable it manually.

Source Reddit, Nvidia Forums; Via Windows Latest

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