Windows 10 Lean : Microsoft working on a cut down version of Windows 10 for RedStone 5

by Surur
April 20, 2018

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It seems Microsoft is working on a cut down version of Windows 10 for the next major release of Windows 10.

As spotted by Lucas on Twitter, Windows 10 Lean’s installer is 2 GB smaller than Windows 10 Pro and is missing basics such as wallpaper, drivers for CD and DVD Drives and even apps such as RegEdit. Interestingly these apps are however not restricted, and once imported you can run RegEdit without any issue, meaning while being smaller the OS is not restricted in any way.

It launched by default in Windows 10 S mode however and also identifies as Windows 10 CloudE.

It is not clear what Microsoft plans to do with the SKU. It may simply be intended for virtual machines, or Microsoft may be looking to make another go at a version of Windows for really low-powered devices.

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