Windows 10 KB4517389 Update causing display and BSOD issues

It seems Windows 10 KB4517389 Update hit hard with plenty of issues. We’ve earlier reported about the Start Menu bug and the broken Microsoft Edge browser, but besides these, it appears that Microsoft engineers need to fix two more bugs.

Windows 10 KB4517389 Update is causing random BSOD, and they are particularly visible on laptops running the latest cumulative update. Interestingly enough, not a single case has been reported on desktop PCs.

“On my laptop machine (but not on my desktop) I started getting BSOD failures in cldflt.sys after installing KB4517389,” a user wrote on Microsoft Community site. The user later confirmed that it was indeed the KB4517389 Update that caused the issue as the uninstalling the update brought everything back to normal( via Techdows).

“Just FYI, I rebooted my Windows 10 laptop this morning to finish installing Windows Update KB4517389, and after that I experienced several Windows failures, BSOD when using the menus in the Affinity applications, ” a user wrote on Affinity forum.

Windows 10 KB4517389 Update hit with another issue where basic features like Start menu, Windows Search or Google Chrome will render incorrectly( via Windowslatest). But all PCs are a victim, PCs with Intel DCH display driver version are affected. Users with the Intel DCH display driver are reporting the following issues:

  • Windows Search and Internet Explorer with ‘X’ across dialog and links
  • Triangled images in Microsoft Word.
  • Chrome rendering a black screen.

Upgrading to a newer version of the display driver might solve the issue, you can also try to roll back to any previous version of the driver to avoid the aforementioned issues.

Neither of the issues has been acknowledged by Microsoft, so there are no official fixes available at this moment.

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