Windows 10 IoT gets ported on to a calculator

by Anmol
November 20, 2019

Recently we reported that a developer managed to port Windows 10 IoT to HP calculator. The process worked but Windows 10 failed to boot properly. While Windows 10 IoT is designed for embedded systems, it’s certainly not designed to be installed on a calculator. However, that didn’t stop the developer from installing it on a calculator.

When we first reported it, the calculator failed to boot. However, after much tweaking, the developer (@imbushuo) managed to get it to work on the calculator. The image posted on Twitter confirms that it’s a HP Prime Graphing Calculator.

The developer, Ben Imbushuo, who had previously hacked Windows 10 to run on old Lumia handsets, did not initially reveal anything apart from the fact that the calculator took a couple of minutes to boot up. That, however, is expected as it’s running Windows 10 IoT on a 396MHz CPU with 256 MB of RAM.

He has now however published a detailed write-up for brave hardware hackers who want to replicate his feat, which can be found here.

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