Windows 10 Cloud might not be able to run Windows Mixed Reality

March 5, 2017

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Last year, Microsoft announced that it’ll be bringing Windows Mixed Reality (previously known as Windows Holographic) to Windows 10 PCs with the upcoming Creators Update. Redmond has been testing the new Windows Mixed Reality portal with Windows Insiders for a little while now. Windows Mixed Reality coming to Windows 10 PCs is a pretty big news, as Microsoft and its partners will also be releasing mixed reality headsets that will let you enjoy Universal Windows Platform experiences in a virtual environment.

Now, it looks like Microsoft might not bring Windows Mixed Reality portal to the upcoming Cloud edition of Windows 10. As some of you may know, Microsoft is working on the new Cloud edition of Windows 10 that’s supposed to be a more secure, and slightly lighter version of Windows 10’s other SKUs such as Pro or Enterprise. Windows 10 Cloud will only allow users to download apps from the Windows Store, preventing them from installing Win32 apps.

In the latest build of Windows 10 Cloud (build 15048), the new Mixed Reality Portal isn’t available. The new Mixed Reality Portal, is, however, available on Windows 10 Pro build 15048:

Windows 10 Cloud not having the Windows Mixed Reality actually makes a bit of sense, as the SKU is supposed to be targeted towards users looking to get an affordable Windows 10 device. Microsoft and its OEM partners will likely start selling cheap Windows 10 devices running Cloud to take on Google’s Chromebook devices. As a result, most of the devices that run Windows 10 Cloud likely won’t have the required hardware to even run Windows Mixed Reality — which is possibly why Microsoft isn’t including the new Mixed Reality portal in Windows 10 Cloud.

Do keep in mind that Windows 10 Cloud is still not officially announced, and things are likely going to change when Microsoft officially announces the new edition of Windows 10.

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