Windows 10 Cloud might have its own, unique hero image

March 3, 2017

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Microsoft might soon introduce a new hero image (read: default wallpaper) in Windows 10 with the upcoming Creators Update in April. The new wallpaper, which you can see below is quite different from the old/current one that’s shown above. The “new” hero image is actually quite interesting, as it might be a special version for the upcoming Cloud SKU of Windows 10. The new hero image showed up in Windows 10 Cloud Build 15046 — but it isn’t available in the Pro or Home SKUs of build 15046. We assume this new wallpaper is only for Windows 10 Cloud — and there’s likely a reason behind that.

Windows 10 Cloud. as you may know, is meant to be a lighter version of Windows that can’t run Win32 apps downloaded from the internet out of the box — and the new wallpaper which you can see above actually looks like a simpler or lightweight version of the main Windows 10 hero image that ships with every other version of Windows 10.

Microsoft even has the new hero image available in a couple of different sizes, which you can see below:

It’s still possible Microsoft will use the new hero image for all versions of Windows 10 — but I doubt that’ll ever happen at this point. For one, the current Windows 10 hero image is already quite iconic (similar to the old Windows XP wallpaper) — and to be frank, the current one looks much better than the new one found in Windows 10 Cloud.

If you happen to like the new Windows 10 hero image, you can download it from here. 

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