Windows 10 can now free up space on your PC automatically

Windows 10 is getting a neat little feature that will help you free up space on your PC. Microsoft recently added a new feature to Windows 10 with the release of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15014 that will automatically remove some useless files on your device. The feature, which Microsoft is calling “Storage Sense” will essentially remove temporary files that aren’t being used by any of your installed files, and it will automatically clean the Recycle Bin every 30 days to give you some extra storage space on your device. The feature also lets you trigger a manual clean-up which might be important when you need a tiny amount of space on your device urgently.

Storage Sense is disabled by default for obvious reasons, but if you want to enable this feature and free up some space on your device, you can enable it by heading over to the Settings app’s System > Storage section. Keep in mind that this feature is only available to Windows Insiders running the recently released Windows 10 Build 15014. If you aren’t part of the Insider program, you will be able to try this feature out along with some other fairly major features when Microsoft officially releases the Windows 10 Creators Update to the public. The update is scheduled to be released this April, so it should be available on your Windows 10 device in a few months.

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