The Windows 10 Anniversary Update finally arrives for the NuAns Neo and Vaio Phone Biz

vaio phone biz 4

Late last month, we reported that Vaio’s Phone Biz was unable to receive the Windows 10 Anniversary Update due to issues revolving around continuum in the updated OS as the company stated in a support document.

Now, Vaio has released the update for users of their Vaio Phone Biz, due to language differences, we cannot confirm whether or not the bug that affects Continuum has been fixed or merely reduced, never the less, the update is now out. With this update, Microsoft adds a slightly revamped action center, improved Skype app with support for messaging everywhere coming soon, quick access to the camera on the lock screen and continuum improvements.

Windows Forest also claims the rollout has begun for  the NuAns Neo, bringing them up both to the latest update released earlier this week.

If indeed the issues with Continuum were released to the Snapdragon 6xx chipset present in both devices, then it makes sense that Microsoft would withhold the update until a fix was ready to improve the experience.

While most Lumia has received the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, phones from other OEMs haven’t all received it yet. Most notably, HP’s Elite X3 is yet to actually receive the update despite it being necessary to light up the fingerprint sensor functionality and enable the phone to make use of its Snapdragon 820 chip.  It isn;t just phones that Microsoft is holding back its software updates on, not all PCs eligible for the update are receiving it just quite yet =, with Microsoft holding back the update until it can iron out all the bugs.

Have you received the Windows 10 Anniversary Update? Let us know in the comments below.

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