Now both Windows 10 and Linux can run on the Apple M1 processor (with tutorial)

by Surur
December 2, 2020

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We wrote earlier about developer Alex Graf’s successful efforts to get Windows 10 to run on his new Apple M1 powered Macbook.

At the time his work was simply a proof of concept, but over the last 2 weeks, his efforts have been further refined.

His adapted QEMU virtual machine now supports almost all basic functionality, including virtualized audio and network interfaces.

With the help of other developers he has also been able to get Linux to run in the virtual machine, something which Linus has said may be very difficult on the bare metal due to Apple’s security features, with Torvalds saying the closed nature of the integrated GPU and other components in the M1 SoC makes the porting process a bit complicated, “…unless Apple opens up“.

A tutorial video is now available which guides you on getting a quite functional install of  Windows 10 on your new Macbook Pro. I’m sure with time the process will become even simpler and more refined. See that below:

YouTube player

via XDA- Dev

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