Windows 10 21H2 will feature an upgraded Windows Tools collection

In a surprise move, Microsoft is upgrading the ‘Administrative Tools’ folder in Windows 10 21H2  by adding many more tools to the collection.

With Windows 10 Preview Build 21354, Microsoft is replacing the ‘Administrative Tools’ with a new “Windows Tools” control panel applet which contains many more tools.


Microsoft is also moving shortcuts such as ‘Windows System’, ‘Windows Accessories’, and ‘Windows PowerShell’ into the Windows Tools control panel.

The move is unexpected, as Microsoft has been working on moving tools from the Control Panel to the Modern Settings, but we assume actual network admins demand a higher density than Modern Settings can provide.  The new applet can be launched by the control admintools command from the command prompt.

Microsoft has been slowly deprecating the Control Panel and was expected to install a redirect soon which would send those searching for the Control Panel to Modern Settings. This new move suggests the Control Panel may live to fight another day.

Via Bleepingcomputer

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