Win32 File Explorer will not be the default file manager in Windows 10 X

by Rahul
February 11, 2020

Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 10 X is exciting in a lot of ways. Not because it’s a new Microsoft operating system that has the Windows branding, but because of the fact that the new OS seems to have the potential to become a hit and the most obvious reason behind it is the Win32 app compatibility in Windows 10 X.

However, what’s unfortunate is that, despite having support for Win32 apps, Microsoft appears to have no intention to make the Win32 File Explorer the default File Manager in Windows 10. Instead, the UWP File Explorer, which is currently hidden in the Windows 10 Desktop OS, will be the default file manager app in the new Microsoft OS.

Microsoft is yet to comment on whether they are shipping the UWP File Explorer or Win32 File Explorer as the default file manager app, but at its 365 Developer Day, the company demoed the UWP File Explorer on Surface Neo and that makes it easier to draw the conclusion.  That said, Microsoft may also make it possible to run the legacy File Explorer app on Windows 10 X.

Which one do you think should be the default file manager app in Windows 10 X and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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