Star Trek Online gamers can win a Tal Shiar Adapted Battlecruiser for Xbox One

Perfect World Entertainment and MMOGames have teamed up to give a lucky Star Trek Online Xbox gamer a Tal Shiar Adapted Battlecruiser, an exclusive T6 starship which is only available through the Lobi Crystal Consortium.

The Tier 6 Khlinae-class battlecruiser is one of the many ships used to great effect by the Tal Shiar. It utilizes an insidious variant of Borg technology to subvert the weaponry of an enemy vessel – the Enhanced Indoctrination Nanite Dispersal System. This starship features a Lieutenant Tactical/Intel bridge officer station and a Lieutenant Commander Science/Command bridge officer station.

Five winners will be selected at random from the total of entries submitted and contacted via email by Massively Overpowered to get their ship. The entry period is good until April 30th.

Ship specs:

  •  Faction: All
  •  Tier: 6
  •  Availability: Lobi Store
  •  Required Rank: Rear Admiral, Sub Admiral I or Brigadier General (Level 40)
  •  Hull Strength: 42,000 at level 40, 48,300 at level 50 and 56,000 at level 60
  •  Shield Modifier: 1.3
  •  Fore Weapons: 4
  •  Aft Weapons: 4
  •  Device Slots: 4
  •  Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Tactical/Intel, 1 Lieutenant Commander Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Commander Science/Command, 1 Ensign Universal, 1 Commander Universal
  •  Console Modifications: 3 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 4 Science
  •  Base Turn Rate: 7 degrees per second
  •  Impulse Modifier: 0.15
  •  Inertia: 30
  •  +10 to Shield Power and +10 to Auxiliary Power
  • Console – Universal – Enhanced Indoctrination Nanite Dispersal System
  •  Sensor Analysis
  •  Cloaking Device
  •  Can Load Dual Cannons
  •  Starship Mastery Package (Battlecruiser)
  •  Absorptive Plating (+Physical and Kinetic Damage Resistance)
  •  Enhanced Weapon Banks (+Critical Severity)
  •  Enhanced Plating (+Energy Damage Resistance)
  •  Armored Hull (+Maximum HP)
  •  Assimilated Power Conduits (Starship Trait)
  •  Cruiser Command Array
  •  Command – Strategic Maneuvering
  •  Command – Shield Frequency Modulation
  •  Command – Weapon System Efficiency

You can follow the instructions below to enter the giveaway.

  1. NOTE: These keys are only valid for the Xbox One version of Star Trek Online.
  2. Install Star Trek Online from the Xbox One marketplace.
  3. Launch Star Trek Online. You will be given the option to link your gamertag with an Arc account. This will open the browser on your Xbox One and you can complete the account linking process.
  4. Once you’re in Star Trek Online, select the Arc option.
  5. Install Arc. (You can also search for Arc in the Xbox One Marketplace.)
  6. Launch Arc and hit the X Button.
  7. Enter your code in the field and select “Redeem”.
  8. Visit the C-Store. Rewards can be found on the tab marked “Promotions.”

You can read about the contest and giveaway here.

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