Why I am Considering Android ATM

It comes a time in a man’s life when he has to make a hard decision, and it seems mine is coming soon. This weekend had brought some new thoughts in me regarding switching to Android, and I think I should tell you why a power user like me would do such a thing.

When I bought the HD2 I thought Windows Mobile could not get any better. On my fast, slim, and awesome device, I thought I would be happy owning it till Windows Phone 7 is released, but now I find I am not. Friday night I finally read about the upcoming T-mobile Vibrant which most of you know it as the Samsung Galaxy S. I was browsing one of my favorite sites (Tmonews) and I read about an upcoming Android phone for T-mobile. Usually I just ignore stories like that, but it said “Super AMOLED” and I had to read it. To make a long story short, I fell in love with the spec sheet and that is where my Windows Phones problems came in.

When I read the spec sheet, it brought up why I hated some aspects of Windows Phone. I also got some memory of how happy I was with the Droid Incredible, and here are the reasons that annoy me about WM.

1. App store is stupid and has very little applications, not enough freeware

2. Constant update is required to keep device speedy, and bug free

3. No good new devices

4. Heavy work required to getting it working perfect

That is a short list, but trusts me; it is long in my mind. Now here is why I like Android.

1. App Store is bumming with freeware

2. Changeable system like WM has (Keyboard, Browser, Home screen)

3. New devices on many carriers (Samsung Galaxy S)

4. No work required to love your phone

5. Smooth even with crap load of apps active

6. Fast in many ways

Now this does not mean there are not many reasons why I love Windows Phone. But currently it seems I am very bored with the OS. It was fun having Sense on all my devices since the Touch Pro1, but after years everything gets stale, and all other UI’s are stale to me. Now if I do buy an Android device, I will also keep my HD2 (even though it’s annoying me now by having problems with earbuds I plug in) and still do videos, and reviews with it. I will return when WP7 is out, but not a moment before.

People might say “Why don’t you just get an iPhone and end it there”. I said I want a new feeling, not a completely new and dumb phone that I cannot even use to call people. The iPhone is not bad, but restrictions are not things a man wants to deal with. It’s not like APPLE is the CIA and they most have a restriction for just about everything. The reason Android is good is because it’s the best of both world in many devices.

*Let the criticism begin, I am sure I’ll get my head cut off in the comments 🙂