Why does Siri recommend Windows Phone? Because even a computer knows customer satisfaction is more important than a dual core processor


We all know iPhone’s Siri recommending the Nokia Lumia 900 is a bit of a joke, but of course the real reason why Wolfram Alpha calls the Nokia Lumia 900 the best smartphone ever is because owners report that they are very satisfied with their purchase, which for humans is surely the best measure of “best”.

For much of the public and tech media “best” has been a question of “feeds and speeds”; the fastest processor, highest resolution screen, the biggest sales; ignoring the human factor for what after all are mere tools. Apple and Google are in a mad dash to add gimmicks to their operating systems which ultimately confuse buyers and frustrate users, which is not exactly a recipe for customer satisfaction.

On Windows Phone a casual user would exploit 60-70% of the features of their handset and feel pretty happy they have mastered their device, designed for low price, long battery life, stability and ease of use.  On Android, for example, they would only master 10%, and still end up with a device that’s constantly crashing, while having them pay dearly for the privilege of their HD screen.

Of course Windows Phone sales are small, because the general public is under the same spell of the numbers and eye candy.  It is interesting that it takes a computer algorithm to reveal the truth.