You’ll soon be able to search stickers in WhatsApp

by Rahul
August 15, 2020

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WhatsApp has been working on the development of Stickers for WhatsApp for quite a while now. The Facebook-owned company recently announced its first animated Sticker packs in the WhatsApp store for both Android and iOS users. While the number of WhatsApp-owned Sticker packs is limited, you can always download them from third-party sources.

And if you’re someone who uses stickers very often, you’ll appreciate the ability to search for stickers in a chat application, as it makes things easier for you. This is exactly what the Facebook-owned company is currently working on. According to WABetainfo, the company is currently working on a new feature that will let its users search for stickers in WhatsApp. You will be able to find stickers based on the word you type in the sticker search bar. WABetainfo spotted the feature in the latest WhatsApp beta version for Android, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get a taste of the feature even if you download the latest beta version of the instant chat messenger.

The ability to search for stickers is currently in the developmental phase and what’s worse is that we don’t know when the feature will be available to the general public. The feature was spotted on the WhatsApp Android app, but that doesn’t mean the Facebook-owned company isn’t working on the same feature for its iOS app. It’s highly likely that the ability to search for stickers will also be available for WhatsApp for iOS.

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