WhatsApp to restore old Status feature as “Tagline”


25, 2017

WhatsApp recently introduced the new Snapchat-like Status feature, to the delight of most users, but this also involved removing the old one-line status item, which upset many of the more than billion users of the app.

It seems WhatsApp engineers are very responsive to so many loud voices, and are working to return the feature to the app as an addition to the new Status feature.

The old status will now live in the Contacts Info page and will be labelled “tagline”.

The feature is currently hidden and has been uncovered by WhatsApp hacker WABetainfo.

It will come with its own Privacy and visibility settings. The feature has shown up (hidden) in the iOS, Android and Windows Phone versions of WhatsApp and I suspect should be released soon.

Would our readers welcome the return of the old Status? Let us know below.

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