WhatsApp will no longer display your Last Seen status to unknown contacts, the company’s customer support has confirmed while replying to query. According to WhatsApp, the new privacy measures will prevent unknown contacts from getting your last seen and the online status if you have never chatted with them(via WABetainfo).

WhatsApp’s new privacy measures will also prevent online stalking on the platform. There are a plethora of third-party apps on the Google Play Store that let stalkers get last seen and the online status of select contacts. But the new privacy measure will prevent all of that as unknown contacts and those who you haven’t chatted with cannot get the details of your online status.

WhatsApp Last seen

WhatsApp is also testing a new feature that allows you to share your last seen status with select contacts. The feature is currently available for some beta testers both on iOS and Android. So, if you cannot see the online status of some contacts, it can also mean that they chose not to share their last seen status with you.

The Meta-owned company faces a lot of criticism for some of its controversial decisions on the protection of users’ privacy. But the company’s recent efforts in protecting users’ privacy are commendable. Earlier this month, the company announced some improvements to the disappearing messages, allowing you to have more control over your messages and how long they stick around.

If you’re a WhatsApp user., what improvements do you want the company to add to the platform in order to improve its privacy measures? Share your thoughts down in the comments.