WhatsApp gets poll, file sharing improvements in new update


5, 2023

Meta is releasing some new improvements to the file-sharing and poll capabilities of WhatsApp. The company said on Thursday that the update would cover all users worldwide, and the changes are now rolling out.

Poll is getting several new enhancements in the latest update of WhatsApp. The first notable thing about this is the new option for users to create single-vote polls, which means participants can only vote once. While this addition seems simple, it is a significant update since WhatsApp’s polls only allow multiple answers. That said, in the latest update of the app, users will now have the option to turn off this option.

Meta said that it added notifications for polls, informing users when someone has made a vote and how many people have voted in total. Users can also now search for polls easier in chats as there is a new filter option dedicated to this, just like in photos, videos, or links.

On the other hand, Meta is finally allowing the addition of captions in media before your forward them. Specifically, this captioning capability will be available for photos, videos, and even documents. Users can also keep, delete, or completely rewrite the caption of the media they have received before they forward it to others. 

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