WhatsApp has now joined an exclusive club which currently has just 9 apps and WhatsApp is only the second non-Google app to achieve this milestone (Facebook was the first). The popular IM app achieved an important milestone today as it crossed 5 Billion downloads on the Google Play Store.

Facebook achieved this milestone last year and became the first non-Google app to break into the 5 Billion download club. Now, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has managed to break into the 5 Billion download club showing the sheer domination by Facebook. Instagram, on the other hand, has crossed the 1 Billion download mark a couple of years back and is on track to join Facebook and WhatsApp in the 5 Billion download club.

One thing to note here is that OEMs don’t usually pre-install Instagram on Android Phones which might explain its relatively low numbers. Facebook and WhatsApp, on the other hand, usually come pre-installed with most of the Android phones.