The coronavirus pandemic has seen companies taking steps to spread important message hygiene messages to their customers. Now Wear OS will remind users to wash their hands at regular intervals to maintain the hygiene.

The new feature was first spotted by Android Police who noted that after a recent update the Clock app for Wear OS will send a notification after every three hours reminding the user to wash hands. If the user interacts with the notification, the Clock app will launch a timer for 40 seconds, indicating how long you’re supposed to wash your hands. Last month, Google added a feature to Google Assistant which would play a song for 40 seconds to help you wash your hands.

The new reminder feature is available on v5.4.0 of the Clock app. If you’re not seeing the feature then it might be a good idea to the Play Store on your Wear OS smartwatch and manually update the app. The reminder on the smartwatch should help people follow good hygiene measures amid the coronavirus pandemic.