Wave of LTE Windows 10 laptops and PCs coming as another eSIM provider signs up

by Surur
March 7, 2017

At WinHec last year Microsoft announced support for eSIMs in Windows 10 PCs. The technology lets Windows 10 users purchase cellular connectivity and data packages directly from the Windows Store and lets partners build always-connected devices without hindering form factor design with a SIM card slot and the access it needs.

eSIM is a pure electronic SIM card for mobile devices and is no longer removable. Instead, it’s programmable and end users could just choose their contracts/conditions on a web site and change their provider instantly.

We posted earlier that Gemalto, the world’s largest SIM manufacturer, were promising to support the technology in Windows 10 and now another SIM card provider Oberthur Technologies has announced a new solution designed to bring eSIM connectivity to Windows 10 notebooks and laptops.

The technology is dubbed DakOTa 4.0 and is fully compliant with GSMA Consumer Phase 2 eSIM standards.

While eSIMs prevent users from simply switching in any SIM, it does also allow them to switch networks at a click of a button, rather than having to physically open up increasingly monolithic devices.

Oberthur Technologies’s support is another indication that we could see a wave of devices with built-in connectivity using the technology by holidays year.

In a statement  OT Connected Device Makers Business Deputy Managing Director Viken Gazarian explained that the solution is a product of OT and Microsoft’s bet that “eSIM technology can boost the adoption of cellular connectivity in the personal computer space”, which will open new opportunities to MNOs and their customers.

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