Wall Street Journal to discontinue its Windows 10 app on June 30th

The Wall Street Journal released its official app for Windows 10 devices back in 2015. This app offered an immersive digital news experience with rich photo slideshows, full-screen video and interactive graphics. It allowed consumers to read the digital versions of WSJ U.S., Europe and Asia print editions as well as the latest news from WSJ. It also had Cortana integration, you can say “Wall Street Journal, show me market data for…” to see live market data.

Unfortunately, WSJ has now decided to kill this app and the app will be discontinued on June 30th. WSJ didn’t mention any reason for discontinuing the app, most probably it should be because of less usage. Consumers having paid WSJ accounts will be able to access WSJ content through WSJ.com and their iOS and Android mobile apps. Microsoft is making huge improvements to Edge web browser in the recent months and hopefully it will enable Windows 10 users to continue enjoy their WSJ content through WSJ.com without any issues.

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