WakeOnLan for Smartphones

wol With many of us streaming media from our pc’s at home or using remote desktop, we often need to leave our desktops running 24 hours per day.  This is however very expensive from a power use point of view, easily adding $20 to your power bill each month for only intermittent use.

There is a better way, used in corporate environments, and its called Wake on Lan.  By sending a “magic packet” to the LAN card on your PC it can be forced to boot up or wake from hibernation.

Tommi from XDA-Developers has created some software that makes it easy to send this this magic packet from your smartphone.

The software is very simple, and can also be entering the MAC address of the PC you want to wake or used via the command line.

Command Line:
WakeOnLan.exe [MACAddress]
MacAddress can be either 01E4523AEE22 or 01:E4:52:3A:EE:22
One way to set it up for easy use with just one PC in you your home is to create a shortcut to the program, and then use a file explorer (e.g. Total Commander) to change the shortcut and add the MAC address to the end of the command. If you place the shortcut in the start menu you should be able to start your PC by simple pressing the program icon in the start menu.


  • You either need to be on the same network via WIFI or have VPN’ed into the network through a router that supports this.
  • Should run on any device that has .NET CF 2.0 installed.

Download the app from this XDA-Developer thread here.

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