Wacom announces Bamboo Ink, a new smart stylus for Windows Ink compatible PCs

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Wacom today announced the availability of Bamboo Ink, a new smart stylus for Windows Ink compatible PCs. Bamboo Ink will allow users to capture their ideas and notes, mark documents within Windows Ink and across most Windows 10 platforms. By pushing the top of the Bamboo Ink stylus, users can launch Windows Ink Workspace or the pre-installed Sticky Notes, sketchpad, screen sketch or other pen-optimized apps like Bamboo Note. It also has two side buttons for customized shortcut functions (depending on your PC / device).

Bamboo Ink has an ergonomic triangular design and a soft-touch surface for comfortable use. And it comes with a choice of three different fine nibs (soft, medium, firm) for a personalized inking experience. It is also pressure sensitive, it continuously detects and transmits the pressure a user applies on the surface of their Windows devices.

Bamboo Ink is will work with the broadest range of pen-enabled devices. The stylus is preset for the Wacom AES protocol. If you have a device which uses Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP), you can switch to it by simply pressing and holding both side buttons.

“Bamboo Ink is ideal for users who want to get more out of their Windows pen-enabled device,” says Jerry Koh, Windows Ink Group Program Manager at Microsoft. “We are excited to work with Wacom to offer pen technology that empowers anyone who wants to write, draw or mark-up documents to take their ideas further, wherever inspiration may strike.”

Bamboo Ink will be available from Best Buy, Microsoft stores and Wacom.com from tomorrow for $79.75. It will be available from other retailers in January 2018. Bamboo Ink will be available in select regions globally in August 2017, priced at 79.90 EUR.

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