W10M: Microsoft Edge now supports background playback for videos and music


Windows 10 brings a handful of new goodies. One of the major new features on Windows 10 is Edge – Microsoft’s new browser which replaces Internet Explorer on Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft Edge comes with a new rendering engine, design, some new features and much more. Microsoft has been adding new features to Microsoft Edge with every new build, and the latest Windows 10 Mobile build, 10147, brings an interesting feature: the ability to play videos and music on background. Yes, you can now play a video or a song on the background and multitask on windows 10 Mobile.

For those wondering, this feature isn’t available on Windows Phone 8.1 either. Take a look at our video below where we demo the background playback on Microsoft Edge:

YouTube player

What do you think of this feature? Is this something you’re looking forward to on Windows 10 Mobile? Discuss in the comment section below!

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