Vuforia releases new SDK, allows developers to make AR apps for Windows 10 and HoloLens


Back at Build 2016, Microsoft showed off an augmented reality app working on a Surface device. The app which was built with Vuforia allowed the user to interact with a product catalog by utilizing the device’s camera and other features in Windows 10. For those unfamiliar, Vuforia allows developers to make augmented reality apps for devices such as Surface tablets and the HoloLens. Today, the company is releasing Vuforia 6 SDK, which will allow developers to make augmented reality apps for the HoloLens and the Universal Windows Platform. In a blog post, the company stated:

Vuforia introduces an important capability to HoloLens – the ability to attach experiences to specific things in the environment. When combined with HoloLens native capabilities, AR experiences can be expanded and transported to actual size in any environment to provide a virtual showroom. When combined with VuMarks, this capability can be used for guided step-by-step instructions for products or machinery. These experiences have the potential to reduce or even eliminate dependence on cumbersome manuals used by technicians.

The company has also published a new video, showing off one of the apps built with their SDK running on the HoloLens:

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The company is yet to add HoloLens support to the public SDK — however, it’ll be opening up an Early Access Program where users will be able to try out the HoloLens support on its SDK. As for the public, HoloLens support will be available at a later date. If you are interested, you can know more about Vuforia 6 here.