Vote for Windows Phone 7 at the Wall Street Journal!! Victory!



The Wall Street Journal have posted a poll asking who makes the best mobile OS.  I know Microsoft could do a lot better in this poll (we did it before and we can do it again 🙂 ) so lets hop over and offer our support!


6 hours later


24 hours later


46 hours later


47 hours later – Victory!!

Edit: Palm Pre beaten, RIM next!

Edit2: RIM passed, iPhone next!

Edit3: Amazing!  iPhone down, only Android left!

Edit4: Again Wow! 5000 votes already for Windows phone 7, and within spitting distance of Android (who themselves fought back by adding 2500 votes in the same period)! Lets keep it up! 🙂

Edit5: After 8500 votes for Windows Phone 7, we only need another 300 votes to win !

Edit6:  Windows Phone 7 now ahead!!!! Congratulations everyone 😀

See the poll here.