VMware Horizons brings HP’s Workspace to any Windows Phone with Continuum

September 11, 2016

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HP’s Elite X3 may bring the ability to virtualize apps via HP workspace on your Windows 10 phone with Continuum, but VMWare is now releasing a similar app in the Windows store for users of their own Horizon 7 software – VMWare Horizon Client.

The app, which is available¬†as a public beta in the Windows store for PC and phones, brings the ability to run virtual desktops and run remote apps with a “delight[ful]¬†experience”. It is aimed at business owners who already own their software and use apps like desktop Outlook, OneNote and more powerful desktop applications.

It is a public beta right now, so things may be buggy and broken in some areas. The firm offers users the chance to leave feedback at their official feedback forums here – so keep that in mind if you’re going to be using this app.

Here’s what the app offers

  • ENHANCED USER EXPERIENCE The VMware Blast Extreme protocol used with Horizon 7 is designed and optimised for mobile users. Blast Extreme leverages H.264 hardware decoding to deliver the best remote experience while reducing power consumption.
  • LEAVE THE DESKTOP BEHIND WITH HORIZON HOSTED APPLICATIONS Use VMware Horizon 7 hosted applications, leave the desktop behind and run remote applications with delight experience.
  • WORK SMARTER WITH CONTINUUM Attach your Windows 10 phone to a monitor, mouse and keyboard through wired or wireless accessories to get complete workspace experience without productivity compromise.

You can download it from the Windows Store here:

VMware Horizon Client
VMware Horizon Client
Developer: VMware Inc
Price: Free

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