Visual Studio Code is getting a new logo

Microsoft is soon going to be rolling out a new logo for its cross-platform code editor, Visual Studio Code. The new logo, which you can see above, ditches the old blue look for a new orange accent. The logo will appear first in Insider builds of Visual Studio Code sometime soon, and it’ll be released to everyone else sometime in early September.

Here’s how the new logo will look for Visual Studio Code users running the Insider builds:

It isn’t clear why exactly Microsoft is going for the new color and look, but Chris Dias, a member of the Visual Studio Code team at Microsoft stated:

The “Iterations on infinity” blog post does a good job explaining how we arrived at the latest Visual Studio family of icons, along with many of the challenges. For VS Code specifically, we took our time to iterate on a number of “editor” related symbols before pivoting to a subset of the infinity symbol.

“We feel that the icon denotes ‘openness’. It conveys that VS Code is (in a good way) a subset of our big brother, the Visual Studio IDE. And, if you look hard enough, you’ll find a small tribute to a great mind,” Dias added.

The new Visual Studio Code is radically different from the Visual Studio IDE, and it’ll be interesting to see how developers react to the new color of the icon.