Vimeo announces deep product integration with LinkedIn

Vimeo today announced deep product integration with LinkedIn. As part of this integration, Vimeo users can now publish videos natively to LinkedIn Company Pages. It is important to note that Vimeo already has similar integration with Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Vimeo users can now also enjoy aggregated video analytics, they can view viewership and performance stats from LinkedIn and other social platforms within their Vimeo dashboard.

Highlights of today’s announcement:

  • Maximize reach on LinkedIn: Social platforms favor native uploads, so content creators who natively publish their videos from Vimeo to LinkedIn can increase their reach and engagement with relevant professional audiences across the LinkedIn platform.
  • Centralized distribution: Instead of manually uploading videos to each social destination, Vimeo users can distribute their videos directly from Vimeo with one click all over the web, including to their LinkedIn Company Page, their websites and other social destinations.
  • Aggregate video campaigns & analytics in one place: Content creators can access all of their video analytics from LinkedIn and other social media platforms, right from the Vimeo stats dashboard. From there, they can track performance, viewership and engagement across each destination to better measure the holistic impact of video campaigns. They can also host, collaborate, customize and monetize their content using Vimeo’s suite of video marketing tools.

“Video has become one of the key drivers for member engagement on LinkedIn, and businesses who want to start a conversation with their audiences are increasingly turning to Company Page videos,”said Peter Roybal, principal product manager at LinkedIn. “Our new integration with Vimeo is an exciting step for anyone who wants to gain more exposure, and understand their reach to LinkedIn’s highly-engaged professional audiences.”

Source: Vimeo