Verizon proves Microsoft responsible for no unlocked Lumia 950 XL on their network


Six weeks ago, when when it became clear that Microsoft’s new flagships will not be available on USA’s biggest carrier Verizon, we insisted that it was not Verizon, but Microsoft who was at fault, as Microsoft could easily make the handset available unlocked by going through Verizon’s Open Access Provisions as mandated by the FCC.

The program is relatively cheap and Verizon accepts certification performed by 3rd parties, meaning there was never really any reason for Microsoft not to do so.

Now in a response to the FCC to a complaint by a Microsoft fan who claimed Verizon was stopping him from taking his Lumia 950 XL to the network, Verizon made the same argument, saying:


“If Nokia (Microsoft) wanted to make the device available to Verizon customers, it could have the device certified for use on the Verizon network through Verizon’s Open Development Program. To date, Nokia (Microsoft) has not chosen to do so.”

Given that this is an official response to the FCC it is very likely to be the truth, and as I insisted 6 weeks ago, Windows Phone fans on Verizon should be taking their anger to Microsoft rather than Verizon.

Of course Microsoft could be having a mysterious game plan for those Verizon Windows Phone users, but then betting on the ineffable is usually a losing proposition, especially when it comes to Microsoft.

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