Tesla has announced that the interior of the Model 3 is now “100% leather-free” after the steering wheel cover was upgraded to “Tesla Synthetic Material” from its earlier cowhide version.

Tesla has been working for some years to make their cars vegan, following pressure from entities such as PETA.

Tesla has been using “Tesla Synthetic Material” for some years, and offered a non-leather steering wheel cover option for the Model S and Model X.  This option was however not available for the Model 3, which represented an issue for vegan prospective Tesla owners.

Telsa’s iconic “ultra white” option is made from “Tesla Synthetic Material” and has stood the test of time since 2016 and has become a standard option in Tesla’s cars. Elon Musk has said at a shareholder meeting that the upcoming Telsa Model Y compact SUV will be vegan from the start.

Via Electrek