Valve has announced that they’re discontinuing the Steam Link



Do you remember the Steam Link? I do. After picking it up for literally eight quid during a Steam sale, I used the device once, packed it back in its box and now have no idea where it is. I still use its HDMI cable, but that’s about it. It would appear Valve is now going to do the same.

First released all the way back at the end of 2015, the Steam Link is a small internet-enabled streaming box designed to bring basement-dwelling PC gaming all the way into the living room.

In order to use the Steam Link, your desktop PC still had to be running and connected to the Link through either Wi-Fi or ethernet. It worked, but was incredibly cumbersome, especially if an unskippable Windows Update decided to rear its ugly head.

Introducing the Steam Link

Valve announced that the device would be discontinued last night on the product’s official Steam forum. While the system will be supported with updated software, there will not be any more devices produced. Also, the Steam Link app lets you stream your PC to devices like the GPD XD+ so there are already better alternatives.

Source: Kotaku

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