Uzard – another impressive browser enters from left field

A few years ago Windows Mobile suffered from a dearth of good web browsers, but at the moment the very opposite is true – there are so many good ones we do not know which one to choose.

Uzard is another new entrant in the field.  The browser seems to use similar technology to Skyfire and Opera Mini, meaning content is pre-processed in some manner, which results in a very fast browser with wide desktop standard support.

According to the company uZard brings:

1. PC level display on the mobile device
    – Client device can display the same level of displays as the Windows Server even without the necessary resources(CPU, memory, codec. Players, etc)
2. No Language nor Font barriers
    – All the language fonts are supported as long as the Windows Server supports them.
    No fonts need to be installed in the client devices.
3. Smaller Data Amount
    – The data amount which has to be downloaded to display the web page initially can be significantly reduced because the client will just need client view port area only instead of     the whole web page contents
4. Complicated web page supported
    – Client device even with low CPU performance can display heavy or complicated web pages because the only process it has to do is to display the uZard format images (client     view ports) on the display.
5. Additional web components Free
    – Many laptop PC platform only supported components(AcitveX, AJAX, Scripts, etc) or codec’s are supported while they cannot be installed on the mobile devices properly even with higher CPUs.

The browser is currently being actively used by 2 million people in Korea, but is not yet available outside of the country. uZard Web is however currently engaged in active discussions and negotiations with mobile telecommunication service providers, device manufacturers, and other potential partner businesses in China, Europe, and the US to make the service available across the world.

Read more about the browser at its home page here.