Use Google Allo without installing Chrome with this desktop app


26, 2017

While Google made its Allo app available on the Windows desktop a few weeks ago, we noted that it was limited to Chrome and users of other browsers–including Microsoft’s Edge–couldn’t use the app.
An enterprising developer has built a  dedicated Windows app (as well as a MacOS app) so users can make use of the app without needing to have Google’s Chrome browser installed. It works just like a normal app, and you can pin it to a taskbar and run it in a window just like any other app.

The app features:

  • Native notifications: Use your OS’s built-in notification system to make sure you never miss a message.
  • Dedicated icon: Add it to your taskbar, dock, desktop, or create as many shortcuts as you’d like!
  • Use your favorite browser: Not a Google Chrome user? You’ll no longer need to open Google Chrome to start chatting!

It’s worth noting that this app is just a web wrapper like many other recent Windows apps are nowadays (including Slack and Skype), and thus wraps the

You can download the app from the source link below.

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