Unreliable Google Clock app is letting users sleep in

by Surur
September 3, 2021

Google Clock users are complaining that the app on their Pixel handsets is unreliable, often failing to register alarms.

Users of the Pixel 3, 4a and 5 report that despite setting alarms, the app appears to be forgetting them, with the alarms not showing as “upcoming” and not going off as scheduled. For some reason, they still show up as “missed” afterwards, however.

The issue is showing up on Reddit and also in reviews of the app. One review notes:

“This was my favorite alarm app for years. The last two weeks I have been late to school and work because it stopped working. I even set an alarm and sat there and watched for it to go off… all that happened was my phone screen turned on. (Yes my volume was up). No notification, nothing. I have no other choice than to delete it and find a new alarm app. I am surprised that Google hasn’t fixed this bug yet. Obviously by the number of bad reviews in the last few days I’m not crazy.”

Google appears to be aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

via PhoneArena, SamMobile

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