UK government’s interim report finds Apple and Google duopoly limits competition and choice

December 14, 2021
Apple September 2021 iphone event

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Apple September 2021 iphone event

The UK government’s Competition and Markets Authority stared a probe early this year over concerns that Apple and Google have too much control over mobile ecosystem. The CMA’s interim report was published today and it found that Apple and Google duopoly limits competition and choice.

Andrea Coscelli, Chief Executive of the CMA said:

Apple and Google have developed a vice-like grip over how we use mobile phones and we’re concerned that it’s causing millions of people across the UK to lose out.

Most people know that Apple and Google are the main players when it comes to choosing a phone. But it can be easy to forget that they set all the rules too – from determining which apps are available on their app stores, to making it difficult for us to switch to alternative browsers on our phones. This control can limit innovation and choice, and lead to higher prices – none of which is good news for users.

Any intervention must tackle the firms’ substantial market power across the key areas of operating systems, app stores and browsers. We think that the best way to do this is through the Digital Markets Unit when it receives powers from government.

The CMA now welcomes responses to its initial findings by 7 February 2022. It expects to issue a final report in June 2022.


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