According to a new report by Axios, staff are leaving the publisher, developer, and NFT peddler Ubisoft in such high numbers that they’re referring to it as “the great exodus.”

While it’s not like Ubisoft’s entire staff has got up and left to leave management stranded, Ubisoft has still seen a number of key departures from across their studios. At least five, of the top 25 credited developers, on Far Cry 6 have already departed the company, and 12 have left from the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla team. 

Axios claim that there has been a range of reasons for the great exodus of developers, with many employees citing low pay, competitive opportunities elsewhere, frustration at the company’s creative direction, and unease at the handling of Ubisoft’s workplace misconduct scandal from 2020. 

In their report, a number of ex-employees spoke with Axios, with one ex-employee from the company’s Paris HQ saying that “there’s something about management and creative scraping by with the bare minimum that really turned me away.” 

Another employee claimed that they tripled their take-home pay by leaving the company.

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In their report, Axios claim that two developers have warned that the mass departures have “stalled or slowed projects” so we may be in store for even more delays to Ubisoft’s upcoming games, many of which have already been delayed before.