Twitter’s new Ad Transparency center will let you see every ad a user launches


28, 2018

Want to find out who’s running ads to you on Twitter? the firm now lets you do that with its new Ads transparency centre.

Twitter has been trying to be more transparent with its users, ever since reports of foreign interference in electoral campaigns indicated that state actors often sued Twitter to promote malicious campaigns, and now the firm is striking back at these with improved transparency.

With the Ads Transparency Center, once yous search for a certain handle, you’ll be able to see all ads that have been run from the past 7 days from that handle.

The film will also be highlighting US federal political content and making it more immediately obvious to users who’s running the ad and whether they were authorised or not.

“Everyone around the world will have access to the Ads Transparency Center. No login or Twitter account will be required, making it very simple for people to have clear insight and details on who is advertising on Twitter. The Ads Transparency Center will include all advertisers on Twitter globally, but only US federal election campaigning ads that fall under our new policy will be shown at this stage.” Twitter’s Bruce Falck explained on Thursday.

The firm will be launching enhancements to the ads centre in the future, as well as making it international to support other countries.

Source: Twitter

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