Yesterday Twitter launched their Fleets feature, their version of the popular self-deleting Stories feature now found all over social media.

Twitter notes Fleets help people feel more comfortable and share in a lower pressure way, so everyone can easily join the conversation.

Unfortunately, it seems, despite testing the feature for a few months, Twitter has left out rather many features developed over years to make social networks safer.

Twitter user Bito reports that posting a fleet bypasses twitter blocks, meaning someone you have previously blocked can see your fleets.

In addition, if you post a Fleet, people can respond to them, creating a 1:1 DM conversation, even when your DMs are closed.

Your tweets can be shared via some-one else’s Fleet, and you will not be notified, and there is no way to report a Fleet.

As Bito notes, they appear tailor-made for harassment and are then automatically deleted, hiding its own evidence.

Given that Twitter has been testing Fleets for several months, it is surprising that the company, whose platform is well known for its toxicity, has neglected to apply their experience to their new project.