We reported in May that Twitter was working on a way to give users more control over their tweets and address the prevalent abusive culture on the platform by allowing them to control who can respond to their tweets.

Twitter introduces three different types of conversations — Everyone, People you know (follow), Only people you mention.  Choosing the first option when you post a tweet will let everyone see as well as reply to your tweets, while the second option means that anyone who you follow and mention will be able to reply. Lastly, the third option means anyone you mention in the tweet will be able to reply to the tweet.

This means if you choose the second and third option, you’re unlikely to get any reply from strangers. So if you want don’t want to argue with random people on Twitter, you should choose the second option.

In May the feature was rolling out now to a small per cent of users, and today, three months later, Twitter announced that the feature would be generally available to all.

While it has the potential of reducing abuse, it can also be used to spread disinformation without allowing the rest of the community to respond and debunk malicious tweets.

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