Twitter “Vibe” to allow users to set a status

April 22, 2022

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Despite the messy world it is dealing with right now due to the unceasing effort of Elon Musk to take over the company, Twitter keeps its focus on delivering improvements on the platform. Apart from the Edit button we’re all still waiting for, it is also working on other features that can make things more exciting for its users. Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer and reverse engineer, discovered one specific work keeping Twitter busy now: a feature codenamed “Vibe” that will allow users to “set a status.”

Does its function sound familiar? Of course, it is. We’ve already experienced the same concept on Facebook Feeling/Activity option when composing a post. Jane Manchun Wong, a technology blogger and app researcher, compared it to the now-defunct Instagram Threads app’s Status.

Paluzzi’s post about Vibe came last week of March, so there was little information about it at that time. Yet, the recent follow-up post of the Paluzzi and Wong gave us more details on what Vibe would actually look like.

Based on the images shared by the two, Vibe will give users five pre-set options for their status: “Eating yummy ramen,” “Studying for the final exam,” “Driving highway,” “Shopping grocery,” and “Lurking Twitter.” Apparently, the statuses are very limited and specific, so they probably won’t fit most Twitter users who would like to try Vibe. With this, there are speculations that Twitter will allow users to customize the Vibe.

The Vibe status will appear like a dropdown menu in the tweet composition box. But as shared by the techies, Vibe will go beyond the regular tweets of a user: it can also be used on a profile level. This means the account owners can use Vibe to generally indicate the activity they are doing at the moment. If Twitter allows Vibe customization, it will be a handy option for all individuals who need to display if they are available or not on the platform.

Twitter still doesn’t have any comment about this feature uncovered.

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