Twitter updated for all Windows 10 devices, includes beautiful new mobile app

March 16, 2016


Twitter has pushed out an update for their Windows apps on both PC and mobile, and it’s a relatively big one.

This new update adds support for a new mobile optimized view on mobile devices, which in turn enables the app for release on Windows 10 Mobile devices.

The new app looks pretty well done for mobile devices to say the least, incorporating Microsoft’s MDL2 design principles (dark theme included) and support for Twitter’s newer features.

It wasn’t a completely painless update with the app losing a minor feature on its way to Windows 10 Mobile, and that’s people app syncing. Microsoft’s Windows phone devices used to place importance on the people app, but we suppose the app has become more of a phonebook now if anything.

Here are some screenshots of how the new app looks when used on a mobile device.

There’s no changelog available just yet – most likely due to the Windows store not updating – so here’s what’s new.

  • New moments feature
  • Windows 10 Mobile support
  • Removal of people hub integration
  • Adaptive scaling
  • Gif support
  • Group chat support
  • video support
  • Muting support
  • Pull to refresh
  • New Dark theme for Desktop

Overall, its a very healthy update for an app that was  severely in need of one. It doesn’t outdo apps like Aeries and Tweetium in terms of features, but due to being a first party app, it is more stable and has more mainstream features than either.

What do you think of Twitter’s new Windows 10 Mobile app? Let us know in the comments below.

Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free

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