Twitter tests new new icons to replace labels in replies

July 19, 2019

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Twitter has been testing various new UI directions. Most notably, the firm has now rolled out a new desktop app experience that is similar to the Windows 10 PWA and its mobile apps to everyone. On a much smaller scale, Twitter is testing a change that makes it easier for users to tell who is who in long twitter threads.

Earlier this year, the firm first introduced text labels with a small group of testers. In a tweet thread, you’d be able to see who was the author of the original tweet, who was ‘mentioned’ in it, and third party responders. The firm has now replaced those labels with icons instead, likely for a cleaner look.

Twitter hasn’t exactly said just how many users will be experiencing this test. I didn’t see it either, so it is likely to be a small rollout like its many other tests.

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