Twitter tests letting you automatically hide replies on your tweets


12, 2019

Dealing with abuse and harassment on Twitter is about to get a lot easier. For users in Canada, and probably only temporarily. Twitter is testing a new feature that will let users hide replies to their own tweets, reducing the visibility of said tweet. It’s not a magic button that Thanos snaps the tweet and the user into oblivion, it merely hides it behind an extra tap or two.

“You asked for more control over your conversations, so starting next week we’re testing a new feature in Canada that will let you hide replies to your Tweets. ,” Twitter explained, “For transparency, viewers everywhere can see hidden replies by going to a new icon or the dropdown menu”

Twitter is testing out this new feature in Canada first. Depending on how the rollout goes there, it may expand to other countries later, or be squelched. It’s a test, and that’s how these things go.

Via: Mashable

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