Twitter suspends more and more accounts for “divisive commentary”


28, 2018

Twitter last week suspended over 200accounts affiliated with |russia and Iran in conjunction with Facebook, now the form has gone off to kick just short of 500 accounts off its platforms bringing to a total of 770 accounts suspended.  The firm shared screenshots of what it termed as “divisive commentary,”, highlighting images and screeds targeting the county’s Republican leadership.

It’s worth noting that just 100 accounts originated from the US at this time, and only had about 1,268 followers altogether, a limited reach.

Twitter’s focus on anti-Trump accounts appears to be designed to counter allegations of bias lived at the platform by the President and other conservative voices. It seems that foreign actors coordinate action on the platform to inflame tensions on all sides of the aisle, something Twitter apparently has gotten wise to as of recent.

“As with prior investigations, we are committed to engaging with other companies and relevant law enforcement entities,” Twitter said this morning, “Our goal is to assist investigations into these activities and where possible, we will provide the public with transparency and context on our efforts.”

Via TechCrunch

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