Twitter News: Support for 10,000-character-long posts is here

April 15, 2023
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You can now write longer posts on Twitter, thanks to the company’s recent announcement confirming support for 10,000-character tweets. The news came after Elon Musk shared the rebranding of the company’s Super Follows to Subscriptions.

Blue subscribers can now write longer tweets without the need for long threads. It started in February with Twitter introducing the support for 4,000-character posts. Now, that is further stretched to 10,000 characters as the blue bird company continues to promote the Blue premium subscription, which should also improve the creator experience on the platform. Aside from the longer posts, this also brought bold and italic text formatting support for the Blue subscribers.

This lengthy post support was first seen when Twitter tried the Twitter Notes in June 2022, offering select testers a 2,500-word support feature. This, however, was limited to writers and is now unavailable after it was terminated when Musk took over the company.

Thankfully, this idea of being able to write essay-long posts is coming back as Musk tries to lure more creators into the platform. Recently, the Tesla CEO uncovered a new name for Super Follows, which will now simply be called “Subscriptions.” No significant changes are included in this rebrand, except that creators can now access longer post creations and hours-long videos. And in hopes of making creator monetization tools enticing, Musk promised that participants in the program would be able to take home all the money they would earn for the first 12 months (minus the taxes from Google and Apple). Unfortunately, the program is still limited to the US. Musk promised to expand it to other countries, but given the company’s current condition, we probably have to wait a little bit longer. 

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