Twitter is testing customisable timelines


26, 2019

Twitter is testing a new feature for users of its official iOS and Android apps, the ability to allow customised timelines on your home screen.

Technically this isn’t a new feature, Twitter has always allowed users to create lists and view them. The only caveat was the process for using lists was convoluted and too out of the way for them to be of any use. In apps like Tweetium or Windows 10 apps like Aeries, these were often easy to access and could be viewed side by side with the main timeline.  Twitter is working on making the ‘lists’ feature easier to access — leaving it only a swipe away from the main timeline. This is a small test that only a few users have access to, and the social media company is interested in feedback.

If this test is successful, then Twitter could roll out the update as soon as possible. For news watchers, it could elevate the native witter for iOs and Android app into one that rivals Feedly and other RSS aggregation services.

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